just out of curiosity;

am i the only one that watches those documentaries on netflix about people going off to explore indigenous tribes that havent come in contact with the outside world?

i think theyre fuckin fantastic and i’m so jealous of the people that get to go and film/photograph their whole adventure to finding them, no matter how dangerous it is.

there’s also a great quote you come across one of the narrator says in a film, it goes like this:

"I’d always thought that the most important thing in life is to have a goal; is only of secondary importance. It’s the journey towards it that’s important. It’s on the journey we best get to know ourselves as well as our fellow pilgrims are like. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a toddler taking its first steps or whether we are setting out to conquer the deep primeval forest or climbing the highest mountain in the world."

  1. diabl0sita said: I wanna watch one, name your favorite :)
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